Victory Corporate Turnaround is a professional service company specialising in the management of companies in complex and crisis situations, supported by specialised capital investment for turning around unprofitable or loss-making companies.

In restructuring situations, our main goal is fast, accurate decision making. With a multicultural professional management philosophy and extensive networking, we streamline both local and global information and sector specialisation.

Our team of professionals has extensive practical experience in managing boards of directors and always takes on positions of responsibility such as those of the CEO, general management and finance, sales and marketing departments, and other positions in business management operations. With the aim of obtaining maximum efficacy in companies, the management/consultancy team has been implementing operational solutions since 1988.

Alliances and synergies with global leaders in corporate restructuring specialising in the turnaround universe enhance the capacity to overcome complex distress situations.

It should be made clear that the change process will not be judged by the model chosen, but by the results of said model.