The new management team provides objectivity and credibility in negotiations compared to the old team

  • The turnaround leader provides hands-on management and restructures the operational processes.
  • Business analysis and diagnosis, based on our experience in the sector.

Development of available resources and restructuring stages

  • Finance structure:
    cash-management plan and tight control over working capital
  • Competitive position:
    negotiations with suppliers and building trust with customers
  • Capital humano:
    staff and organisation chart restructuring.
  • Emergency:
    defensive actions, cost reduction, cash flow maximisation.
  • Stabilisation:
    conservative positioning, risk limitation, strengthening the balance sheet and developing good relations with banks.
  • Return to growth:
    seeking a competitive advantage, investing in productivity.

Divestment strategy: alternatives when long-term viability is not possible

  • Merger with a competitor.
  • Sale to investors to profit from the capacity and experience of the company and its assets, offering shareholder value.
  • Ceasing business and implementing an orderly liquidation of assets to maintain their current value.